My coworker Rod was always talking about this beautiful dog everyday at work. I’m a huge dog lover. So, when I asked him the name of the breed, he replied “Cane Corso”. I never heard of the breed but once I googled the name, I instantly feel in love. So, for about a year straight I looked at the breed everyday. Then in 2014, I decided to purchase one. Even though my wife said the price was too steep, I dove in nose first and purchased one. And let me tell you Marley, as my children named him, was one of the best gifts I’ve ever purchased for myself. Marley was a gentle giant, only one time he knocked my 1 year old down was to hug her. I enjoyed him so much. So, I purchased him a companion in 2020 named Princess, a bundle of joy.

Meet Marley & Princess

Marley was born on September 14, 2014 at Rock’s Kennel in Georgia. He is very a very laid back blue brindle male weighing 125 lbs and very protective of everyone in the house especially my 9 year old daughter. He is registered with ICCF.

Princess was born February 10, 2020. She is a very energetic blue brindle female. This is Princess second litter. Her first litter was 12 pups, 8 girls and 4 boys. Princes has dual registry with ICCF and AKC.

Marley and Princess are both trained, highly skilled dogs.

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